Get ahead of Google for Education's Coming Storage Limitations

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“We’re well into our Google Journey, but once we merged our domains we wanted to make sure we were maximizing Google Workspace’s capability for our faculty, staff, and students. We want them to utilize what’s available to them.” 

Connie Whetstine, Director of Collaboration Services

Virginia Commonwealth University

Download the Storage Readiness Guide

Institutions of higher education are expanding their portfolios of technology to transform administration, teaching, and learning for staff, faculty, and students. With so many stakeholders working, communicating, and collaborating in the same digital space, storage availability has become increasingly important.

Google Workspace for Education will be implementing limitations on storage and capping the amount of information, files, and data your institution can retain and share. This complimentary Storage Readiness Guide from CDW Education will equip you with the factors to consider, resources to utilize, and recommendations to execute so your domain and end-users are prepared for these changes.

Discover how to address:

  • Account cleanup for alumni, multi-delegated accounts, or inactivity
  • OU structure for designated domain user groups
  • Storage practices of high capacity users and applications
  • Excess storage with existing policies
  • Google Vault retention to supplement
  • Google Drive organization for stakeholders

Download the Guide

For expertise on managing storage in your Google Workspace for Education from Google IT Specialists, download the Storage Readiness Guide by completing the form on this page.